“Many peacemakers will not see the fruits of their labor. But we just have to hold onto hope.”

-Roy Bourgeois, founder of the School of the Americas Watch

Peacebuilding work isn’t easy. In fact, much of peacebuilding work often takes generations to pass before progress can be seen.

But peace is still possible. Resolutions are still possible.

Peacebuilding aims to transform people living in conflict toward living lives of peace. But peace takes shape differently in different places. Everywhere is unique; because of this, there has to be more than one approach to effecting change.

Even still, it’s simple to create the space needed for peacebuilding to take root: whether in classrooms or legislators’ offices, or through art and sports initiatives, peacebuilding work can and will take different shapes.

All that’s necessary, however, when all is said and done, is for people to have true hope for a better world.

Written by: Jenay Smith

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