Site Sources

We would like to give special thanks to the individuals listed below, many of whom appear throughout this website.


Fabiola Flores Munoz – Regional Director American Friends Service Committee of Guatemala

Youth Members from the American Friends Service Committee based in Guatemala

Darren Hauck – Documentary Photographer based in Guatemala

Jean-Marie Simon– Photojournalist based in Guatemala

Lianne Milton – Photojournalist based in Guatemala

Dr. Raquel Green  Assistant Professor, Romance Languages and Literatures, Cabrini College

Daniel LeClair – Photographer

Peggy Jean Craig– Catholic Relief Services, Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Relationship Manager/University Liaison, US

Jennifer Betz – The Midwest Coordinator for Catholic Relief Services, US

Dr. Alia Sheety, Ed.D. – Restorative Justice Practitioner, Associate Professor of Education and Program Coordinator at Cabrini College

Peter Lippman – US Human Rights Activist based in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Senita Slipac – Founder Bosana Foundation based in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Lejla Hasandedic – Youth Ambassador – Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) based in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jasmin Mujanović – Ph.D. Candidate-York University focused on Bosnian Development

Adrian Shanker – Former President at Equality Pennsylvania

Fred Karger – Founder and President at Rights Equal Rights

Juan Carlos Duran – Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for Youth Programs, Catholic Relief Services, El Salvador

Uri Mishol – Co-Founder and Chairman of

Nour Alnajjar- Student at Asian Women’s University in Bangladesh

Leah Green – Founder and Executive Director of the Compassionate Listening Project

Vivian Manneh – Former regional program manager for CRS in the Middle East

Yaniv Mazor -Ta’Ayush Activist

Usama Nicola – Citizen Diplomacy Coordinator for Wi’Am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center

Corrina Grace – Project SERES Founder

Sarah Gough – Executive Director at Play for Peace

Andrés Armas– PLAYforPEACE trainer

Youth Members of Club Juvenil de Palencia

Ben Rosenzweig– Photographer

Anna-Claire Bevan – Freelance journalist based in Guatemala

Lola Marina Juan – Women’s Rights Activist

Genaro Jacinto Calel– Mayan Guatemalan Priest

Khouria Minerva Sabbagh – Syrian-American

Father Anthony G. Sabbagh – St. George Antiochian Syrian Orthodox Church

Chandreyee Banerjee – Catholic Relief Services, NE/MA Regional Director

Nadine Sabbagh – Syrian-American – Teen Soyo

John Sabbagh – Syrian-American – Teen Soyo

James Hanna – Syrian-American – Teen Soyo

Ashley Chteh – Syrian American – Teen Soyo

Robi Damelin – Peace and Reconciliation Campaigner, Parents-Circle Families Forum

Marie Libbiss – Jordanian Volunteer at Refugee Camp in Jordan

Salam Ghanem – Syrian Refugee

Dibeh Fakhr – International Committee of the Red Cross Spokesperson

Linda Panetta– Instructor at Cabrini College and Freelance Photographer

Fernando Figueroa- SOA Watch Activist

Maggie Stark– SOA Watch Activist

Luma Jaradat – International Committee of the Red Cross Amman

Tegan Bukowski – Founder of Artist Activist

Roger Gaetan Paul – Haitian-American

Jolinda Hackett – Executive Director of GOALS

Jean Kendy Estimphil– Regional Coordinator of GOALS

Kona Shen – Founder of GOALS

Richard Cozzens – Researcher, Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development – Legal Aid

Rosi Greenburg – Education Program Assistant at Relief International

Jason – Syrian Refugee

Shae MacPherson – Cabrini College Alumnus, Syrian American

Hope Sabbage – Syrian-American Activist

Martine Longchamp – Founder of Diakonos International

Ivan Monzone – Director of American Friends Service Committee of Haiti

Eboo Patel – Founder and Director of the Interfaith Youth Core

Charles Martin-Shields – Former Peacebuilding Director, TechChange

Hector Aristizabal– Founder and Artistic Co-Director of Imagine Action

Luke FinnHuman Rights Accompanier in Bogota, Colombia

John Norris – Executive Director, Sustainable Security and Peacebuilding Initiative

Youth Builders El Salvador, Catholic Relief Services

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